Kingston Digital has announced a USB security partnership with BlockMaster to strengthen its corporate flash media security.

With the partnership, Kingston Technology will offer its customers a centrally manageable version of its DataTraveler Vault – privacy edition utilising BlockMaster's technology to provide complete control over USB drives.

Anders Pettersson, CSO at BlockMaster, said that the agreement will bring management on the USB sticks offered by Kingston. He said: “We are providing solutions to them as we still unsecure options provided for customers within organisations. At this point in the UK there is an interest in finding solutions going forward, and also administrators want control over secure USB drives.”

Steve Hall, European product development manager – flash at Kingston Digital Europe, said: “Kingston Technology has been looking at partnering with a firm that specialises in USB management software as our customers have expressed interest in secure USB management solutions for some time.

“After looking into several companies in that market, Kingston concluded that BlockMaster would be an optimal choice. We are confident that the partnership will facilitate the sharing and development of the necessary technology to provide USB products with advanced secure management to our corporate customers.”

The future is expected to see Kingston Technology rolling out a version of its Kingston DataTraveler Vault – privacy edition that requires management by BlockMaster's SafeConsole server software to activate the drive. This product will be able to address the strictest security requirements of the market, ensuring that the drive will not work unless managed and is scheduled for a Q3 2010 release.