Korea is largest sender of malware during November

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More malware attacks originated from Korea during November.

More malware attacks originated from Korea during November.


Network Box has reported that thirty-five percent of all internet intrusion attacks are coming from Korea. Analysis of all internet threats in November by the company shows that Korea accounts for more than double the intrusions of its nearest competitor, the United States.


Following the shutdown of the McColo botnet, spam and viruses are on the decline from the US although over the full month, the US was the biggest source of malware.


Simon Heron, internet security analyst at Network Box said: “We expect to see China as the primary source of spam next month, with Russia significantly increasing its output. McColo's shutdown has had a dramatic effect on the malware output – both spam and viruses - from the US. However, we are seeing spam levels increasing again though not currently back up to levels we saw before McColo closed in the US.”


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