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North Korea blamed for yet another cryptocurrency-focused phishing campaign

Amidst recent reports of renewed peace talks on the Korean peninsula, another cyber-security firm has come forward with evidence that state-sponsored North Korean hackers have been repeatedly launching spearphishing campaigns.

Korea's electronics firm LG hit by ransomware, believed to be WannaCry

Consumer electronics company LG has reported to the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) about a ransomware attack on one of its service centres in Korea, with reports saying it is the WannaCry ransomware.

ROKRAT using Twitter, other social media as command and control link

Security researchers at Cisco Talos explain how the ROKRAT malware is leveraging social media to hide its C&C communications in plain sight.

Nearly 100 SK officials hacked, NK suspected

Scores of South Korean officials within critical government departments have been hacked and the security services are pretty sure it's their belligerent neighbours to the north

North Korea link surfaces in SWIFT banking attacks

If the North Korea link is verified for the Swift heists we may now have a new axis-of-(banking)-evil with nuclear-armed bank robbers.

South Korea no 1 origin point for DDoS attacks

According to a new report by Imperva, South Korea serves as the most prolific point of origin for global DDoS attacks.

Is North Korea climbing to the top of the cyber-attack tree?

Pete Shoard asks how powerful are less developed countries such as North Korea when it comes to cyber-threats, and can it be regarded as a major player in cyber-warfare anyway for the impact it has achieved?

North Korea threatens US with cyber-warfare

A war of words has broken out between the US and North Korea over the Sony data breach, with Pyongyang now threatening to battle Obama's administration 'in all war spaces including cyber-warfare space'.

Attacks on South Korea likely the work of hacktivists rather than aggressors from the North

Yesterday's attacks on South Korean banks and broadcasters are more likely to be the work of hacktivists than state-sponsored adversaries.

South Korean bank and broadcaster networks 'paralysed' by attacks

South Korea is investigating attacks which have paralysed its banks and broadcasters, with the Korean Internet Security Agency saying the networks had been 'partially or entirely crippled'.