KRACK News, Articles and Updates

New WiFi standard set to improve wireless security

The WiFi Alliance has announced that a new version of the WPA protocol, WPA3, will be released later this year.

Apple release security updates shortly after releasing another KRACK fix

Apple released security updates for its mobiles, set top box and Window's iCloud platform shortly after rolling out another patch for the KRACK exploits.

Apple addresses KRACK exploits in AirPort Base Station firmware

Apple has continued to roll out patches to fix the KRACK (Key Reinstallation AttaCKs) series of vulnerabilities, this time in its AirPort Base Station firmware.

Kracking the code - why businesses don't yet need to panic about 'Krack attack'

Krack attackers need to be within range of the targeted Wi-Fi network, so widespread data loss is unlikely, but do add fixes when available as this vulnerability would allow anyone to read traffic from mobile and laptop to Wi-Fi devices.

Apple addresses KRACK exploits in iOS and macOS updates

Apple has finally addressed the KRACK vulnerabilities in its latest macOS High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, iOS 11.1, tvOS and watchOS.