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Leaked Mirai source code already being tested in wild, analysis suggests

Since the source code to the Mirai IoT botnet was publicly leaked, researchers at Imperva have uncovered evidence of several low-level DDoS attacks that were likely perpetrated by new users testing out this suddenly accessible tool.

Source code of Mirai DDoS Trojan released online

Over the weekend, the source code of the Trojan which used huge numbers of IoT devices to form a botnet and attack the websites of security blogger Brian Krebs and European web hosting company OVH, with a DDoS attack was released online.

HostSailor threatens Krebs with lawsuit

Web hosting company HostSailor has threatened legal action against KrebsonSecurity for posting a story, based on a Trend Micro report, tying that web firm to a now defunct group known for nefarious web activities.

Data breach authority Verizon Enterprise breached; 1.5 million customers impacted

Known for its highly respected Data Breach Investigations Report, Verizon Enterprise Solutions has suffered its own data breach, after a cyber-criminal was discovered selling information linked to 1.5 million of its customers.