A lack of new skills is causing headaches for mainframe knowledge

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UK organisations are concerned about the lack of skills in legacy environments.

UK organisations are concerned about the lack of skills in legacy environments.

A survey by Shoden Data Systems found that 96 per cent of senior IT decision makers claimed to be concerned that they will not be able to retain the necessary skills to operate and maintain legacy environments such as IBM mainframe or AS/400.

With the current enthusiasm for cloud computing and SaaS, IT professionals who learned their mainframe skills 30 years ago are now close to retirement, and converting from a legacy environment such as mainframe to other platforms such as Windows and Unix is time consuming and costly.

This has meant that there is a lack of confidence in the broader systems management capabilities of other platforms.

John Taffinder, CEO of Shoden Data Systems, said: “Twenty or 30 years ago mainframe and AS/400 were the default platforms and as a result the investment and reliance on IT by these companies is very high.

“Also, mainframe technology still offers proven levels of data protection, integrity and security that financial organisations are worried they won't achieve with other platforms; with the current focus on protecting confidential data this is simply a risk they cannot run.”

Taffinder claimed that a shrinking number of skilled IT professionals should not spell disaster for organisations that rely on them.

“Taking a closer look at the business requirements, the available IT resources and which applications are running on the legacy systems, IT managers and directors can design a strategy that will allow their companies to continue to operate successfully and efficiently,” said Taffinder.


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