A lack of trust and reliance on IT data shows CIOs do not have an understanding of their IT infrastructure

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Fewer than one in ten businesses have said that their IT data was completely ignored and unused.

Fewer than one in ten businesses have said that their IT data was completely ignored and unused.

A survey by LogLogic of 164 IT managers and directors found that only 14 per cent of the respondents ‘highly trusted' the quality of their IT data and had no concerns, yet 81 per cent said that they used their IT data for compliance purposes.

Also, 41 per cent admitted that they could not readily access all of their IT data, while 48 per cent said that it was not in a useable format. Only a third (36 per cent) said that less than 49 per cent of the IT data that they need to report on and analyse is available to them and accessible for compliance, security or operational intelligence purposes.

Guy Churchward, CEO of LogLogic, said that the findings show that organisations should be taking a tactical rather than strategic approach to IT data management, particularly as 32 per cent of respondents see IT data as a productivity tool and seven per cent admit that its IT data is completely ignored and unused.

“The situation is further compounded by the fact that a high percentage of organisations have data quality and trust concerns,” he said.

“Current IT infrastructures have grown into a chaos of applications, agents and devices that generate an increasing amount of IT data. This data provides a wealth of information on how systems are being used, how they are performing, where to drive efficiencies and how to meet compliance mandates and increase security.

“CIOs and IT managers need a thorough understanding and view of their IT infrastructure, its processes, performance and efficiencies before adopting modern computing models like cloud computing or virtualised environments.”


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