Lack of understanding and vendor intervention causes problems for councils as government connection deadline approaches

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A lack of information around the government connect secure extranet Code of Connection is causing problems for councils.

A lack of information around the government Connect Secure Extranet Code of Connection is causing problems for councils.


Michael Robertson, managing director at Commerce Media, claimed that a lack of information and secrecy surrounding the government's requirements is one of the main reasons why so many councils are racing to meet the deadline at the end of March.


Robertson said: “The impact of this has been twofold; vendors have not had the opportunity to promote their products in a way that clearly illustrates how they support the Code of Connection, and this in turn has made it difficult for security managers at local authorities to identify which products will best meet their needs cost-effectively, while offering long-term flexibility.”


One key element of the connection is for users to have secure remote access, achieved by deploying a two-factor authentication solution, but Robertson claimed that as the security industry was unable to clearly educate the market, this has resulted in the process becoming unnecessarily complex and a lot of time being wasted. 


Robertson said: “Data protection lies at the heart of this scheme, and councils are dealing with confidential information all the time. We are always hearing reports of portable devices being lost, stolen or forgotten and it is great that the government is taking action, particularly as an increasing number of individuals work remotely.


“Although achieving secure remote access can be complex in nature, two-factor authentication systems which can meet this requirement need not be difficult or time-consuming to deploy.”


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