Lamantine Software announced the launch of a free version of its password manager and online form filler.

It said that Sticky Password aims to get computer users over the barrier of bad password habits, such as reusing the same password on multiple sites or using passwords that are easy to guess.

It said that its goal is to provide PC users with quality security tools and to educate them about good password practices and their role in their own security. The installation package incorporates encryption algorithms and provides protection against phishing schemes, concealed keyloggers and identity theft.

Petr Bilek, managing director of Lamantine Software, said: “Online security has reached a critical point for the broad community of internet users. With Sticky Password Free, we have removed any last excuses demanding consumers may have. Users will not have to compromise between the immediate gratification and ease of remembering one password and protecting their identities online.”

Tomas Hofer of Lamantine Software said: “It's all about consumer awareness of a current security problem. A decade ago, it was anti-virus software and today it's about passwords.

“We are releasing Sticky Password Free to help people solve a problem that they are only beginning to see impacts them. Good passwords have to become an automatic practice. We are confident that Sticky Password Free is the convenient solution that users have been waiting for.”