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Intel AMT security issue lets attackers bypass laptop login credentials

Insecure defaults in Intel AMT allow an intruder to completely bypass user and BIOS passwords and TPM and Bitlocker PINs to backdoor almost any corporate laptop in a matter of seconds.

Hidden HP Keylogger found preinstalled on models dating back to 2012

Security researcher Michael Myng found a keylogger code that records every stroke typed, pre-installed into HP laptop software drives in models of computers dating back as far as 2012.

Lenovo laptops automatically re-install removed software

Firmware on Lenovo laptops keeps installing software - which is not just annoying, its also a security vulnerability.

'Rowhammer' hijack via hardware flaw hits half of laptops tested

A DRAM hardware 'reliability issue' turns out to be a vulnerability issue for half of all laptops as Google researchers demonstrate Rowhammer hijack.

Son of Superfish, Lenovo bloatware variants start to surface

There are as many as a dozen variants of the Superfish bloatware found last week on Lenovo laptops, it has been discovered.

Pre-installed Lenovo adware hijacks TLS/SSL encryption

Lenovo's consumer laptops ran pre-installed adware/malware which could be used to intercept and hijack encrypted SSL/TLS web sessions.

New security concerns on air-gapped laptops and smartphones

Security researchers believe that hackers could intercept and read the low-power electronic signals emitted by laptops and smartphones - even if they're not connected to the internet.

Thousands of Coca Cola customers compromised after laptop theft

Beverage maker Coca-Cola has confirmed that the theft of unencrypted company laptops from the firm's headquarters in Atlanta may have compromised information on approximately 74,000 customers.

BBC reports major losses of laptops and mobile devices

The BBC had 195 laptops stolen last year.