The 2012 London Olympic games is the latest major event to be used as spam email.


Trend Micro has identified the London Olympics as being used in online scams where recipients are informed that they have won on the ‘London 2012 Olympics Lottery.'


As is common in spam messages, the recipient is informed that they have won money and that they need to contact a claim agent, the email includes phone and fax numbers and email addresses.


However in comparison to some other spam campaigns, the amount of money that has apparently been won is fairly low, so the user may be convinced that they have actually won.


To make the message convincing, spammers have put the original London 2012 logo (rather than the official logo which was launched earlier this year) and an Olympic logo. A link to the official website also features.


Trend Micro said: “Users are advised to not trust these unsolicited and unexpected email messages, no matter how much money they promise. Users must also be cautious in trusting claim agents. It is only logical that lottery winners have to have joined the raffle first. The Trend Micro Smart Protection Network already blocks the spammed email messages involved in this scamming operation.”