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Charities across UK are vulnerable to CEO fraud, warns Charity Commission

The Charity Commission recently shot out alerts to charities across the UK, warning them that cyber-criminals posing as CEOs or senior executives at charities could launch phishing attacks on employees.

Fancy Bear suspected in United Kingdom's Anti-Doping Agency cyber-attack

Fancy Bear hackers are suspected of launching a foiled cyber-attack on the UK's Anti-Doping Agency.

FTC confirms Facebook probe, Common Cause files complaints against CA

After speculation mounted last week, the FTC said Monday that it has launched a probe into Facebook after it was revealed that Cambridge Analytica used the private information of 50 million users without their permission.

Ukrainian hackers arrested for carrying out cross-border DDoS attacks

Two Ukrainian nationals were sentenced to five years in prison for launching powerful DDoS attacks on popular dating site in 2015 after cyber-security experts provided clinching evidence of their involvement.

Researchers identify extortion as motive behind memcached DDoS attacks

The adversaries who have been abusing exposed memcached servers to launch amplified distributed denial of service attacks have been including a ransom note amidst their flood of malicious packets, according to researchers.

Misconfigured memcached server DDoS threat is too powerful to be ignored

DDoS threat actors have started to exploit a known problem with unsecured Memcache servers to launch hugely powerful attacks with little in the way of resource investment required.

SWIFT Grift: Fake financial messaging service emails deliver Adwind RAT

An email phishing campaign launched this month attempted to infect spam recipients with the Adwind cross-platform RAT by fooling them into thinking they received an important financial document from SWIFT financial messaging.

Lazarus Group back from the dead - again - with renewed phishing campaign

Hacker group Lazarus has renewed a phishing campaign it launched, but instead of injecting malware to access enterprise IT environments, the group is now injecting implants to identify those running Bitcoin-related software.

Criminals spoof scanners and printers by the millions to spread malware

Cyber-criminals are spoofing scanners by the millions to launch attacks containing malicious attachments that appear to be coming from the network printer.

China's quantum communications satellite to improve data security, thwart hackers

China will send the first quantum communications satellite into orbit in July, vastly improving the secure transmission of data and thwarting the efforts of hackers.

McAfee prepares new launches under Security Connected architecture

McAfee has said that it will expand its current product portfolio to offer more integrated solutions and comprehensive protection via its Security Connected framework.