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Global law enforcement operation decimates giant Andromeda botnet

An international contingent of law-enforcement agencies on Friday dismantled the massive Andromeda malware botnet, sinkholing around 1,500 malicious domains and arresting a suspect in Belarus.

US Senate bill would require jail time for data breach cover ups

Three US Senators have introduced a bill that would require jail time for corporate executives who do not notify consumers of a breach within 30 days.

Russian cyber-criminal targeting European businesses jailed

A Russian hacker who ran a sophisticated computer hacking network that stole over £2 million from UK businesses has been jailed for nine years.

US charges members of elite Chinese hacking unit APT3

Federal prosecutors in US charge three Chinese nationals with hacking into Siemens AG, Trimble Inc and Moody's Analytics.

AlphaBay spokesperson 'Trappy' arraigned

AlphaBay spokesperson Ronald L Wheeler, aka Trappy, was arraigned in a US federal court for conspiring to commit access device fraud.

Europol calls for cooperation on Darkweb and IOT use by criminals

In recent conferences Europol has been teaming up with other organisations to ensure a joint law enforcement approach with Interpol to the darkweb and ransomware especially, and with ENISA to meet the challenge of IOT.

3.5 million cyber-crimes recorded, true figure could be 20.5 million

Fraud and computer misuse offences accounted for almost half of the 10.8m criminal acts recorded by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in its Crime Survey for England and Wales (CESW), accounting for some 5m crimes.

News Feature: LDSC seeks help tackling SME cyber-crime vulnerability

Initially focused on London's SMEs but with advice & support tools for SMEs around the country, the LDSC is seeking partners to improve the ability of small businesses to operate safely online, vital for them and your supply chain.

Kaspersky Lab renews threat sharing relationship with INTERPOL

Kaspersky Lab and Interpol announced on Thursday that they have signed a new cyber-crime threat sharing pact that will strengthen the two organisations' collaborative relationship. founder sentenced to prison for hacking competitor

The founder of a professional networking site was sentenced to a year and one day in prison after hacking into a competitor's database and attempting to sell his site to the same company whose database he hacked.

Sharing IOT malware rife, botnets now child's play as teen arrest shows

A 13 year old hacker caught trying to build up botnet to hack CCTV cameras demonstrates that attacking IoT devices is literally child's play, thanks to widespread sharing of IoTmalware.

FBI malware compared to tracking device in interstate child porn case

A Texas federal judge last week ruled in favour of the US Department of Justice, rejecting a motion to suppress evidence obtained in the course of the investigation using FBI malware.

ICYMI: UK regs; AI weaponised?; Malwaretech; Mandiant; WiFi weak

In Case You Missed It: UK data protection; Is AI weaponised; Is Malwaretech; innocent?; Mandiant leak; WiFi vulnerabilities

Queen's Speech: Promise of a new digital charter to tackle extremism

With the incoming Brexit negotiations, the Queen said her ministers will seek to "provide certainty for individuals and businesses".

European Parliament wants to enforce encryption on all electronic communications

The European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs wants to bring its stance on privacy into the 21st century.

Can we encrypt the web while giving governments a backdoor to snoop?

As the Internet Society calls for even stronger encryption to protect the web, we ask whether it's technically feasible to provide governments with a backdoor to investigate serious crime and terrorism.

Report: Cyber-threat to UK business is "significant and growing"

Ciaran Martin, chief executive of the NCSC said cyber-attacks will continue to evolve, which is why the UK public and private sectors must work together "at pace" to reduce the cyber-threat.

French and German MPs ask for encryption backdoors, industry says 'no'

French and German ministers ask for greater security measures, including encryption backdoors - to fight terrorism in Europe, but tech industry says it isn't possible.

Car accident data stolen and traded illegally - London house raided

A house in Palmers Green was raided as part of an investigation into the illegal access of customer details from a nationwide car repair company prompted by concerns raised by Nationwide Accident Repairs Services (NARS) goes offline, allegedly due to a law enforcement raid

A Pastebin post indicated that there had been a raid and all the websites' data had been seized.

Liberty launches crowdfunded legal challenge against Investigatory Powers Act

The civil liberties watchdog described the IP Act as "the most extreme surveillance regime of any democracy in history" and is looking for donations to fight the act in the High Court.

TalkTalk hack: teen given 12 months youth rehab and £85 fine

A magistrate in Norwich Youth Court told the teenager to put his IT skills to better use.

The Investigatory Powers Bill is now set to become law

The Investigatory Powers Bill has now completed its parliamentary process and is expected to become law within the next few weeks. No one seems that thrilled besides the government.

50 arrests for Russia's largest hacker group

Some 50 suspects from 15 Russian regions have been arrested, believed to be part of Russia's largest hacking group, responsible for Trojan and botnet attacks on Russian banks, stealing some £57 million.

Russian government equates cyber-crimes to theft

Russia is making it easier to prosecute cyber-crimes by characterising them as theft, not fraud, which will also allow the imposition of tougher penalties as it was previously difficult to establish that they were serious crimes.

Leaked Stingray documents reveal features and ease of use

Using mass surveillance software without a warrant is almost as easy as installing Skype.

IOCCO report reveals numerous errors made in use of phone and web data

The IOCCO's annual report has revealed how throughout 2015, the security services made 1,119 mistakes in the interception of communications data which led to 17 wrongful arrests.

BlackBerry & Apple rumble: CEO calls helping law enforcement 'civic duty'

Cooperating with law enforcement is "our basic civic responsibility," BlackBerry CEO John Chen told reporters at a media Q&A at the BlackBerry Security Summit in New York.

[Updated] 'Lacklustre' NCA cyber-crime report adds nothing new, critics say

The NCA has issued a report in cooperation with industry partners, in which they admit they are falling behind the cyber-criminals but the report has been criticised for containing little information that is new or useful.