International law firm Clifford Chance has deployed Check Point's R75 software blades to manage and secure its 3,200 legal advisors.

With offices in more than 23 countries and large volumes of confidential data flowing through its network daily, the law firm required a robust and multi-functional security gateway that protects against emerging security threats, while safeguarding client data and simplifying management.

Bill Leung, senior security analyst at Clifford Chance, said: “The software blade architecture is wonderful. One of the biggest benefits is how easily everything integrates, eliminating the need for separate appliances and disparate management systems. We only need one user interface to control multiple security protections across our entire global network.”

By deploying the Check Point R75 software blade protections, the firm has now added data-loss prevention (DLP), application control and intrusion prevention (IPS) functions; and with thousands of corporate, client and case file documents traversing the network, Clifford Chance said that DLP is a core security strategy.

Leung said: “Enforcing effective DLP is essential to the firm but can be costly. Instead of deploying a separate point product, we integrated Check Point's DLP Software Blade into our existing gateway and were able to reduce our hardware expenses by 50 per cent.

“Our employees often work on multiple cases at one time so it's important to ensure our clients' documents remain confidential at all times. Check Point's DLP solution pre-emptively protects sensitive data before unintentional loss can occur.”

With the R75, Clifford Chance has also been able to seamlessly integrate multiple layers of protection into one integrated solution. “We have a lean IT security team of five members. Being able to centrally manage multiple protections, while enforcing consistent security policies on a global level, has given us a huge boost in security and productivity,” he said.

Juliette Sultan, head of global marketing at Check Point, said: “In today's world, businesses view data and network protection as top concerns that command the attention of senior management.

“Check Point's approach enables Clifford Chance to manage their current and emerging security challenges in a single, unified fashion.”