More and more law firms are choosing to implement Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) web security in order to protect their networks.

ScanSafe claimed that it had recognised a notable increase in the number of law firms turning to SaaS security solutions as the rapid shift towards using the internet has resulted in opportunities, challenges and security concerns for all industries.

It said that central and critical to the legal industry is the need to safeguard confidential information from cyber criminals and maintain client confidentiality. Wrongful or negligent release of key evidence or client data can result in considerable losses to professional reputation, as well as significant liability exposure for the legal services provider involved.

John Craske, head of business IT at Dundas & Wilson, a UK law firm, said: “More and more organisations are turning to SaaS web security due to the ability to block all malware before it reaches your corporate network.

“If you can outsource a service then you can reduce the operational cost rather than owning and administering a solution. This is part of the reason cloud computing is so attractive.  Selecting a SaaS solution meant that we would have one less system to maintain whilst feeling confident that we were getting the best protection.”

Kevin Elsden, network infrastructure manager at SJ Berwin, an international law firm, said: “The trend in the legal market is changing. There is almost a snowball effect taking place and as more organisations sign up to SaaS solutions, more businesses consider moving over based on the others proving it is a reliable service.”