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MPs push May to block Lauri Love extradition on health grounds

A group of UK MPs has beseeched Prime Minister Theresa May to block the extradition of hacker Lauri Love to the US, saying they fear for his mental health.

Developing: Mossack Fonseca IT worker arrested

An employee in the IT department of Mossack Fonseca, recently the subject of a massive leak, has been arrested in Geneva sparking suspicion that this may have been 'the inside man'

Russian bank licences revoked for using hackers to withdraw funds

Russian banks have had licences revoked after being suspected of direct participation in using hackers or blaming cyber-attacks to withdraw funds illegally.

Cryptowall has been a cash bonanza for criminals, failure for cops

Though dubbed the most successful malware in history Cryptowall can be stopped

Cyber-crime overtakes physical crime in the UK

New statistics being released today by the ONS are expected to confirm that cyber-crime has become the largest recorded offence in the UK

Gozi Trojan financial web injection hacker pleads guilty

Financial malware web injection technique hacker Deniss Calovskis says he 'knew he was breaking the law'

Firefox zero-days exposed by attack on privileged account

An attacker compromised a privileged account on Mozilla's Bugzilla bug tracker tool and used the gleaned information to exploit a critical bug.

Law firms getting duped out of client funds, warns regulator

Solicitors are getting hit by a growing tide of cyber-enabled fraud, resulting in the loss of money and confidential information.

Europol plans more malware 'takedowns'

Europol agency EC3 is partnering with Zeus and CryptoLocker threat specialist AnubisNetworks, as it bids to make take-downs more successful.

Police, digital forensics and the case against encryption

The Metropolitan Police has become the latest law enforcement agency to complain that encryption makes it difficult to catch and prosecute criminals.

SC Congress London: Met Police admits cybercrime mistakes

Mark Jackson, detective superintendent of the recently-established Met Police Cyber Crime Unit, has admitted that London's police are only just finding out how to tackle cyber-crime.

18,000 suspected cyber criminals 'shopped' by rival gang

Details of 18,000 members of the 'Verified' Eastern European cyber crime forum have been leaked by a rival gang

France under-fire for new digital surveillance law

France is attracting widespread criticism after introducing a new law which allows the government to gather even more digital information than before.

Trojans are fastest-growing data-stealing malware

Most of the rise in cybercrime can be linked to data-stealing malware, and Trojans are the fastest growing category, according to a report released on Monday by Trend Micro.

Britney Spears Twitpic account hacked; fake death posted

A vulnerability in a third-party service through which users post photos to their Twitter profiles allowed hackers on Sunday to falsely report that Britney Spears had died.

UK cyber security centre to launch

No 10 to unveil 'widened' US-style cyber security strategy within weeks

RSA: Cybercriminals keeping up with banking safeguards

Threats are becoming more sophisticated, and cybercriminals are getting smarter at evading new authentication controls, according to an RSA Conference panel of security practitioners representing three major financial institutions.

Microsoft says password stealers pose biggest threat

The top two threat families on Microsoft's detection and removal list this month are online game password stealers (PWS).

Sloppy identity verification 'must make firms liable for fraud'

Organisations that hold personal data should be made liable for fraudulent transactions, say BT security experts.

Hacker loses Lords extradition appeal

Gary McKinnon will be extradited to the US after he lost an appeal to the Law Lords this morning - and may now face a life sentence.

Is Limbo 2 the ultimate trojan?

Prevx, an internet security company headquartered in Derby has discovered a new trojan designed to steal information from large banking institutions. Jacques Erasmus, director of malware research, told on Friday that the Limbo 2 trojan might be the most sophisticated trojan yet released.

Google Trends hacked again

Search engine Google has had its Hot Trends system hacked for the second time in seven days.

Financial data 'needs better protection'

Institutions that process numeric data need to be more diligent to avoid financial loss, warn security experts.

Business 'booms' for organised cybercriminals

The days of the lone hacker are seemingly over, with cybercrime organisations now run by bosses parading as business entrepreneurs, complete with criminal staff.

"Spam King" Soloway to be sentenced on 22 July

The sentencing of Robert Soloway, the so-called Seattle "Spam King" who pleaded guilty in March to delivering millions of unwanted emails, has been delayed until next week.