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Facebook in class action suit over privacy, data gathering infractions

Facebook accused of "standing idly by" while Aleksandr Kogan raided user accounts through a quiz app and shared the information with Cambridge Analytica and "made only the weakest attempts to prevent further access to this data.

Judge rules US breach victims can sue Yahoo

A US federal judge in California Friday ruled Yahoo must face many of the claims brought against it in a lawsuit concerning the massive data breaches affecting three billion users that the company announced in 2016.

Google gets sued for denying "right to be forgotten" request

A businessman, whose "right to be forgotten" request was denied by Google to "defend the public's right to access lawful information", has filed a lawsuit in the high court in a bid to make Google remove references to his criminal past.

Yahoo to be sued over mega breach

Yahoo is being sued by a customer who is angry that the web giant did not do enough to protect his personal data

Yahoo mega-breach raises key questions, criticisms

One day after Yahoo disclosed one of the largest data breaches in history, Internet and data security experts continue to weigh in on the historic incident that compromised over 500 million user accounts. To that end, SC presents three key questions...

Seagate staff to sue company over data protection failure

A hardware manufacturer may soon be sued by employees who claim the employer did not do nearly enough to protect their data.

HostSailor threatens Krebs with lawsuit

Web hosting company HostSailor has threatened legal action against KrebsonSecurity for posting a story, based on a Trend Micro report, tying that web firm to a now defunct group known for nefarious web activities.

6000 staff join data breach lawsuit against Morrisons

Morrisons is still feeling the ramifications of a data breach two years ago as 6000 current and former staff signed up to a group lawsuit ahead of the 8 April deadline.

Dutch watchdog sues Samsung over lack of Android security updates

Consumer group in the Netherlands sends in the lawyers over Samsung's allegedly "poor software update policy for Android smartphones".

Trustwave faces £280,000 lawsuit over "woefully inadequate" breach probe

Trustwave is facing yet another lawsuit from a gambling company who claims Trustwave failed to spot several pieces of malware when investigating a breach.

Former Ashley Madison exec accuses journalist of libeling

Brian Krebs, investigative crime journalist, received a threatening letter from the lawyer of Raja Bhatia, ex-CTO of Ashley Madison.

Lawsuit filed against UCLA health system—data breaches on the rise

A lawsuit has been filed against UCLA Health System, UCLA Medical Sciences and The Regents of the University of California for compromise of private data.