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IT admin sued by ex-employer for alleged malicious insider data theft

One IT administrator is being sued by a former employer for allegedly accessing the company's networks in his new job to gain some kind of competitive advantage.

Apple, FBI put Cellebrite in the spotlight

The tentative naming of the Israeli firm Cellebrite as the muscle behind the FBI's ability to crack into unlocked the iPhone used by San Bernardino, California shooter Syed Farook without help from Apple, has brought this little known company into the spotlight.

US administrative judge dismisses FTC case against LabMD

In a ruling that could reshape future FTC enforcement authority, an administrative law judge has ruled in favor of LabMD bringing to an end a protracted battle between.

Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance enters cyber-insurance arena

Warren Buffet is not exactly launching the Geico gecko into the cyber-insurance space, but his Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance division today unveiled two new polices targeted at this area.

Class action gender discrimination suit filed against Microsoft

A class action suit filed against Microsoft Corporation alleges that the technology giant engaged in discrimination against females employees in technical and engineering roles..

Adobe settles charges in data breach suit

Adobe ordered to pay $1.1 million (US) in legal fees as well as an "undisclosed settlement" to users following breach that affected 38 million.

Revenge porn site operator sentenced to 18 years

Kevin Bollaert, 28, operated the now-infamous revenge porn sites U Got Posted and Change My Reputation

UK Safari users able to sue Google over privacy

Courts tell Safari users they can sue Google over cookie privacy violation, considered ironic given Google's support for combatting government surveillance.

Privacy fears as US court rules against Microsoft

A New York court has told Microsoft it must hand over customer data to the US Government even though it's held overseas - reigniting a privacy debate that has also dragged in the UK Government's controversial new 'DRIP' law.

GCHQ sued by ISPs over state-sponsored hacking

ISPs and Privacy International seek legal clarification on how far GCHQ can go with its state-sponsored surveillance activities.

Cyber security: Speaking the CEO's Language

2 minutes on how you educate the boardroom on the information security dangers the business is facing on a daily basis.

Trustwave in the firing line in Target lawsuit

Legal payout could be significant in a breach whose costs may reach £10.9 billion (US $18 billion).

RSA 2014: In the dock - understanding a data breach trial

If you have broken no law, nor failed to comply with any agreed industry standard, are you liable for the consequential loss incurred by your clients if you suffer a data breach that causes them loss?

LinkedIn denies email "hacking" claim

According to a recently filed lawsuit, email accounts provided during the LinkedIn registration process were misused so the company could access users' contacts.