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Hackers leak info stolen from Mandiant analyst, threaten similar attacks

"This leak was just a glimpse of how deep we breached into Mandiant, we might publish more critical data in the future," 31337's Pastebin message reportedly warned.

NSA claims to have identified contractor as source of news media leak

A National Security Agency contractor named Reality Winner has been accused of leaking classified information about possible Russian interference in the US election to a news organisation.

Past behaviour did not stop leaker from accessing sensitive NSA Data

The NSA's latest alleged leaker apparently had a variety of issues, including alcohol abuse and criminal charges, which did not cast doubt on his security clearance.

NSA contractor nabbed for pilfering agency codes

Harold T. Martin III, 51, who worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, was arrested after an FBI search of his home and car uncovered an abundance of highly classified documents, which Martin was not authorized to have

North Korea has only 28 registered domains, leak shows

Security engineer Matt Bryant posted details of North Korea's registered domains after a misconfigured nameserver revealed details.

Dropbox hack confirmed real, 68 million accounts affected

Dropbox hack of 68 million user account credentials has been confirmed by security researcher Troy Hunt and Motherboard. Company advising a swift change in passwords.

WikiLeaks postings of Turkish emails included active links to malware

WikiLeaks' practice of delivering unfiltered information to its readers backfired after a researcher discovered that its collection of leaked Turkish government emails contained over 300 active links to malware files hosted on the controversial site.

World-Check due diligence list leaked online, Thomson-Reuters admits

A list of people suspected of links with crime and terrorism from due diligence company World-Check has been leaked online, reportedly by a former associate.

272 million email account credentials found on the dark web

Hold Security has bought hundreds of millions of email credentials off the dark web for less than £1

BeautifulPeople.com hack exposes data of 1.1 million users

The exclusive website was breached months ago and the information of over a million of its users has been sitting on the Dark Web ever since then.

93.4 million Mexican voters exposed in massive database leak

The electoral details of the full voting public of Mexico have been leaked and published

Leaked information casts doubt on Privacy Shield

Leaked information from the working group reviewing Privacy shield highlights scepticism from within the EU about whether the new privacy regime goes far enough

Email server hack behind Panamanian law firm leaks

The names leaked from the email hack on Mossack Fonseca include many of the world's rich and powerful

Top Chinese browser lets users be tracked and attacked

Tencent, a major chinese web browser with millions of users around the world, has been found leaking data with which users can be identified, tracked and attacked.

Snapchat got whaled, employee payroll released

The social media company Snapchat has been made the victim of a Whaling attack which resulted in private payroll information being released.

JD Wetherspoon attack took 15 mins says hacker 'Ropertus'

Last Friday it was reported that British pub chain JD Wetherspoon suffered a data breach causing a leak of more than 650,000 customer details; now the hacker responsible explains how easy it was.

JD Wetherspoon loses 650,000 customer records in database breach

JD Wetherspoon, the British pub outfit, suffered a leak of its customer details, affecting over 650,000 customers, four times more than the TalkTalk hack.

ICYMI: Windows deprecating SHA-1; Apps leaking data; Safe Harbour II; Auto-rooting adware; Apple Pay

In Case You Missed It: the most popular articles from the past seven days. Windows accelerates SHA-1 deprecation, Too many apps leaking personal data, Safe Harbour 2 coming soon, Apps auto-rooting Android devices, and Bank warning to Apple Pay users.

Hackers compromise 70 million prison inmate phone records

An estimated 70 million phone calls made by prisoners in the United States have been hacked and leaked to The Intercept.