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Story behind how low-level Apple employee leaked iBoot source code

Much like a horror movie in which a close nit group of friends steal something for a good time only to open Pandora's Box, the story behind how Apple's iBoot source code leaked plays out similar to the plot of 28 Days Later.

Millions of Fortune 500 email credentials found on the dark web

About 10 percent of the email credentials of all those employed at Fortune 500 companies have been leaked on the dark web, according to a new study.

Not-so-super Sonic? Sega apps leak data to suspicious servers

Three Sonic the Hedgehog games for Android devices that collectively have been downloaded well over a hundred million times are leaking users' geolocation and device data to uncertified servers.

ICO levies £400,000 fine on Carphone Warehouse following 2015 data breach

Following a cyber-attack in 2015 that caused a data breach from one of Carphone Warehouse's computers, the company has just been given a £400,000 fine, one of the highest fines for a data-breach in the UK to date.

Email error leaks hundreds of Northern Ireland prison officer details

An email error made in Northern Ireland has accidentally leaked the personal details of hundreds of prison officers working in the country to an outside contractor.

Mystery database leaks conservative's personal details

Out of yet another leaky MongoDB database, star of the moment, Chris Vickery has discovered personal details which he thinks might lead back to a conservative religious organization in the US.

Accusations fly over HIV-positive details leak

After the details of nearly 5000 HIV-positive customers were exposed in the Mongo DB database leaks, the researchers who reported the exposure have been accused of the crime itself.

Developers leaving MongoDB databases wide open to attack

White-hat researcher claims to have found the credentials of 25 million people - including 13 million MacKeeper users and 5,000 users of a dating app for HIV-positive singles - openly available online to hackers in MongoDB databases.

JD Wetherspoon loses 650,000 customer records in database breach

JD Wetherspoon, the British pub outfit, suffered a leak of its customer details, affecting over 650,000 customers, four times more than the TalkTalk hack.

Details of US drone strike programme leaked through anonymous source

A trove of documents leaked by an anonymous source has been released by The Intercept, revealing a truly devastating data breach against US intelligence.

Leaked Ashley Madison emails include MP and hundreds of UK public figures

Personal details of hundreds of UK public figures are among the estimated 33 million credentials leaked yesterday by hackers who breached the Ashley Madison adultery website.