Learning machines and risk scoring functionality set to be part of Symantec's Data Loss Prevention 11 technology

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Symantec has announced details of the launch of its Data Loss Prevention 11 technology.

Symantec has announced details of the launch of its Data Loss Prevention 11 technology.

Due out in the first half of 2011, it will focus on simplifying the detection and protection of enterprises' intellectual property, the new release will include ‘Vector Machine Learning' that is designed to simplify the detection of hard-to-find intellectual property to make the remediation process more efficient and effective with new Data Insight enhancements.

According to Symantec, Vector Machine Learning is designed to overcome the limitations of current detection technologies by training using sample documents to recognise the defining characteristics and identify the subtle differences between sensitive and non-sensitive data. It said that this will eliminate the need to create keyword-based policies or try to fingerprint new documents as they are created.

Also set to be included is a new Risk Scoring feature that will prioritise folders for remediation based on the amount and sensitivity of data they contain and the folder's accessibility. Application File Access Control is designed to ensure user-driven applications such as iTunes, Skype and WebEx can be used by employees without exposing sensitive data.

The Trusted Devices feature will enable the use of a wide range of storage devices while assuring that sensitive data can be copied only to approved devices, such as devices issued and tracked by the company. Finally, Endpoint FlexResponse is designed to make it easier for customers to extend data protection at the endpoint by integrating other Symantec and third party solutions, such as encryption and enterprise rights management.

Aaron Aubrecht, senior director of product management at Symantec, said: “Symantec Data Loss Prevention 11 is focused on helping information security professionals to more efficiently and effectively protect the organisation's most sensitive information.

“We have heard from our customers that more accurate detection of intellectual property and risk-based prioritisation of their actions are fundamental elements of an effective information protection program. Our Vector Machine Learning technology and Data Insight enhancements directly address those needs.”


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