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Critical infrastructure: Downtime is simply not an option.

Vulnerabilities in our critical infrastructure aren't only caused by failure to comply with security standards.A big part of the problem is that many of the key computer systems that run critical infrastructure are legacy not fit for purpose.

Orbitz hit with data breach, info on 880,000 payment cards at risk

The online travel company Orbitz has suffered a major data breach possibly exposing the personal information associated with the owners of up to 880,000 payment cards.

How to avoid legacy IT costing your business more than money

There's no need to update valid technologies unless the cost of maintaining them outweighs the upgrade cost. Take into account some legacy systems can increase your vulnerability if not designed for the current threat landscape.

Nuclear weapons vulnerable to cyber-attack due to outdated legacy systems

UK and US nuclear weapons systems - along with the rest of our critical infrastructure - suffer from dependency on legacy systems, leaving them at risk of cyber-attack according to a new report.