Absolute Software has announced that its Computrace software will be embedded in the new Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet.

With Computrace, if a computer is reported stolen, the Absolute Theft Recovery Team works on behalf of the customer to gather evidence from the computer to identify where it is and who is using it in order to recover it. It also allows users to remotely delete data and retrieve files to secure the device and the data it contains.

The 10.1-inch tablet runs version 3.1 of the Android Honeycomb operating system and there is WiFi and 3G-enabled versions available. Tom Butler, director of ThinkPad marketing at Lenovo, said: “We created the ThinkPad Tablet to address our customers' needs to access data the way they want.

“With Computrace persistence technology embedded in the tablet, we are providing customers with the latest in endpoint security and management to ensure their devices and data are protected. There are no other Android tablets on the market today that can provide this capability.”

John Livingston, chairman and chief executive officer at Absolute Software, said: “With our patented persistence technology, organisations using Lenovo ThinkPad Tablets will benefit from having a consistent connection to these devices, regardless of the user or the location.”