The level of qualification in the security and IT industry is not at an acceptable standard.

Nathan Fowler, sales and marketing director at QT&C Compliance Training, who is now working with Dutch examining board Exin, claimed that with around 130 qualifications in IT security there is plenty of choice, but if you handle data you should have awareness of security.

He said: “It is not enough to do your job properly, people spend their whole careers trying to amass qualifications and we see that a lot, but we are nowhere near that point in our industry.”

Frank Frambach, regional manager for Asia and Pacific at Exin, claimed that the level of knowledge and awareness of security ‘is so low and often so basic'; it often finds itself asking basic questions about locking desktops.

Asked whether training can iron problems out, Fowler said: “Training will not happen soon, the issue is budgets and the spend on training.” He further commented that 18 months ago the private sector was at a level to stop training, and this did not affect the private sector initially, but this slowed down six-to-nine months ago.

“The private sector is looking to get more involved and seeing why it should do it. If security is an issue and we overlook the role that people play with politics and see the marketplace emerging. I think there will be an expansion,” said Fowler.

He also commented on the Cabinet office framework that will get government departments to link in order to look after information security, data protection and risk management, with the creation of an information assurance role that will be established nationally.