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£3,495 for server, plus two client licences. Includes one year of support and updates

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Strengths: Highly customisable, ensuring that the needs of both the public and private sector can be met

Weaknesses: Installation may be challenging for non-technical users without training

Verdict: An extremely versatile product well worth the price. We designate it our Best Buy

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Lima Forensic Case Management Software from IntaForensics is a complete, end-to-end case management system that offers an easy way to organise every aspect of a digital forensic investigation.

The standout feature for Lima is its ability to tailor the system to the needs of the organisation. Whether it is being used for public or private sector use, Lima provides enough functionality and customisation capabilities to meet demand. 

Perhaps more importantly, this system can be used to establish case management procedures that follow industry regulations, legal requirements and digital forensic best practices. This will help to ensure that if a case goes to court, or the process is audited by a regulatory agency, that there is a defensible and repeatable process in place.

Additionally, Lima provides some out-of-the-box functionality that can be useful. It can be configured to use an SMTP server, allowing alert and update emails to be sent to designated users throughout an investigation. Lima also allows the use of custom-report templates. These can be populated at the click of a button with data from the case in those instances where a physical document needs to be produced. 

Another key strength of the system is extremely granular security controls, which allow user access to be locked down by modules, cases and even individual aspects of a case. It ties into Microsoft Active Directory for user access management, allowing user access provisioning to be integrated into existing processes. A log is generated of all activity that takes place within a case, making identifying which investigator made a change a simple task. 

There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to installing this product and using it to its full potential, so IntaForensics highly recommends the optional training sessions they offer for new users. 

The server installation process required that an SQL database be created for the program. User accounts then had to be created and granted access to it. In addition, case-related configuration settings need to be entered during installation. This can be a daunting task for a less-experienced user. 

Fortunately, IntaForensics provides a detailed, step-by-step installation guide in the Lima Server help file, and has bundled all of the necessary tools to get the SQL database up and running. Once installed, the server administration interface is straightforward, and organisation-specific configuration of the case management system can be accomplished quickly. 

During our testing, we did not experience any significant performance or stability issues. The client and server interfaces and the included modules launched quickly. Processing time while using the system was negligible. 

The base price is £3,495, which includes a perpetual licence for the server and two clients, as well as one year of support and all updates. Training, additional client licences, optional modules and additional years of support are available as extra costs. The capabilities are well worth the price. Lima would be of value to any organisation that is struggling to manage a heavy caseload.

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