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LinkedIn Autofill flaw lets hackers harvest website visitors' personal info

If the visitor clicks anywhere on the page, then according to Cable, "LinkedIn interprets this as the AutoFill button being pressed, and sends the information via postMessage to the malicious site".

LinkedIn access down across much of the globe, encryption down for others

Yesterday large parts of the world were without their LinkedIn accounts due to an SSL certificate expiry and those that were able to login were browsing without encryption, meaning all of their data was potentially at risk.

LinkedIn Premium accounts being used in phishing scam

Hackers are using the business-oriented LinkedIn social media site to send phishing InMails posing as a Wells Fargo document - the delivery method is to be trusted, but the content may not be.

Flaw in LinkedIn Messenger could harbour malware

Millions could have been exposed to malware bug in LinkedIn Messenger

LinkedIn users getting phished to steal IDs

A new social engineering campaign is sending out emails purporting to come from LinkedIn in an attempt to dupe recipients into giving up personal information.

Russian arrested by Czech officials allegedly tied to 2012 LinkedIn hack

The Russian man that Czech authorities arrested on 5 October in collaboration with the FBI is allegedly connected to the 2012 breach of LinkedIn.

Yahoo! data breach likely exceeds 500 million records

The security firm InfoArmor believes the Yahoo! data breach far exceeds the 500 million number, that the hack was accomplished by a cyber-gang, not a nation-state, and that overall about 3.5 billion user records have been stolen over the years.

Stolen credentials used to breach GitHub accounts

GitHub reported on 14 June someone launched a campaign to access several accounts using stolen login credentials.

Microsoft acquisition of LinkedIn raises privacy questions

While Microsoft's £18.6 bil ($26.2 billion) acquisition of data-rich LinkedIn will enhance business, the company has not yet said how it plans to protect the privacy of personal data of LinkedIn members.

Reddit resets passwords after LinkedIn data dump

Reddit announced it would require users to reset their passwords following the release of a dataset containing 100 million LinkedIn emails and password combinations from a 2012 breach.

ICYMI: WhatsApp trap; Cerber RaaS; LinkedIn loss; Screen lock; 2 yrs to GDPR

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at WhatsApp malware; Cerber Ransomware; LinkedIn loses 117m credentials; Screen lock scammers; GDPR countdown. Note: UK Holiday 30 May.

Microsoft seeks to mitigate laziness by banning popular passwords

Old man Redmond looks to prevent "LinkedIn"-style debacle by preventing users from choosing popular passwords.

LinkedinGate: industry reacts to

With the news of over 100 million user login credentials being stolen from online professional networking website LinkedIn, the industry offers it's viewpoints on passwords, the GDPR and LinkedIn's choice of encryption.

117 million LinkedIn email credentials found for sale on the dark web

The 2012 LinkedIn data breach may be the breach that just keeps on giving with the news that 117 million customer email credentials originating from that hack were found for sale on the dark web.

Hackers using fraudulent LinkedIn profiles

Professionals on LinkedIn are being targeted by an increasing variety of hackers. A slew of fake accounts have been found on the social media platform across many industries.

Fake LinkedIn profiles, 'convincing' network linked to Iran-based group

The CTU, the Dell SecureWorks research team, uncovered fake LinkedIn profiles and an extensive, convincing network created by the Iran-based Threat Group 2889.

How to minimise the risks of LinkedIn - the hacker's research tool

Staff need ongoing training in defending against the latest threats - which currently includes LinkedIn says Andrew Tang, service director, security at MTI Technology

LinkedIn plug-in mines for user email addresses

"This highlights the fine line between acceptable and unacceptable usage of your information" says Nigel Stanley, CEO of Incoming Thought.

US tech giants win right to disclose government snooping

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Yahoo and LinkedIn have won a U.S. court battle which allows them to disclose the number of requests they receive from the NSA, FBI and other government agencies.

LinkedIn turns to courts to track down clone & probe fake accounts

Hackers harvest data from LinkedIn users by creating fake accounts

Top 10 issues in IT security for 2014

From banking hacks and malicious mobile apps to insider leaks and a serious data breach each month, 2014 promises to a challenging year for CISOs.