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Entry-level pricing starts at £23,775 for workgroups of up to 50 users

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Strengths: Granular amount of document control and management. FileShare Gateway gives extra value

Weaknesses: Can be expensive for the smaller environments

Verdict: A top-rate product that is a bit pricey for smaller installations

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Liquid Machines' Document Control provides a vast scale of document protection across several applications, including Microsoft Office, Visio, and Adobe Acrobat. This product allows for core rights to be set and managed for both content and policy, even between different applications, as well as changing policy. This provides a high level of controllability.

This product is easy to use right out of the box. Setup wizards and intuitive configuration screens guide installation. Once the environment prerequisites have been met, the actual installation takes just a few minutes. From an administration standpoint, it is quite simple to manage, while creating policies is a simple and intuitive process. Clients are easily deployed and integrate directly into the user's applications, so document control and protection is also an effortless process.

Document Control has an extra feature that provides a better amount of control: FileShare Gateway provides the ability to assign policies to a fileshare on the network. Once a file is placed in the fileshare, it automatically gets the policy assigned by the application.

Documentation provided with this product includes an administration guide and the FileShare Gateway administration guide. The administration guide covers installation and configuration of both the server and client applications, while the FileShare Gateway guide covers all the necessary information. Both are well organised and easy to follow, with screenshots and configuration examples.

Liquid Machines software assurance provides maintenance and support services included with the purchase price. These include phone and web-based support during business hours; 24/7 support is also available.

Additionally, Liquid Machines Professional Services provides a wide range of offerings, including business requirements analysis, deployment planning, deployment, system integration and training.

With prices starting around £23,775 to get up and running for 50 users, this product may seem quite pricey. However, we rate this product good value because of its vast amount of capability and easy administration.

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