Lithuanian Army website hacked and defaced

News by Doug Drinkwater

The Lithuanian Armed Forces Joint Staff website was hacked last Wednesday, with hackers using the site to falsely claim that the country was planning for the annexation of Kaliningrad Oblast, the Russian enclave that borders Lithuania and Poland. Senior military figures told local sources that the attack was plotted for at least two weeks beforehand.

The website was altered on Wednesday, with hackers claiming that the attack was part of the US-led, multi-nation ‘Saber Strike' training exercise currently taking place in the country.

Rimantas Cerniauskas, director of the National Cyber Security Centre, told local press that evidence pointed to Iran among other places.

"We see large amounts of interesting information. We see that there were continued various pings, for instance, there was an attempt from Iran to guess the password. We see that the server hosting the website was constantly checked by hackers, with attempts to enter it, most of the attempts were not successful.”

He added that “special robots” had been checking the weak spots of the system two or three times a day.

Lithuanian government websites were also hacked in 2008 after the country outlawed the display of Soviet symbols. In that attack, the web pages were filled with hammer-and-sickles and five-pointed stars, the New York Times reported at the time.

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