Lizard Squad back, attacks Xbox Live

News by SC Staff

Hactivism group Lizard Squad has returned, and has claimed responsibility for the outage affecting Microsoft's XBox Live online gaming service on Monday.

The hacking group said it would attack Xbox Live yesterday morning, and it later tweeted “Xbox (360) Live #offline”, claiming responsibility for disrupting services on the gaming platform. Days earlier, on Friday, Lizard Squad had tweeted “H1Z1 #offline”, which some reporters took to mean that it was also taking responsibility for taking down zombie survival adventure game H1Z1 and its provider Daybreak Games, previously known as Sony Online Entertainment. 

However, some reports suggested this latter outage may have been caused by internal issues.

Lizard Squad previously used distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network over Christmas in a move seen as promoting its own DDoS-for-hire service known as LizardStresser.

Services on Xbox Live were disrupted from around 5am GMT on Monday morning and Microsoft put up awarning that Xbox Live access is limited. The Lizard Squad suggested that the attack was carried out in cooperation with a number of hackers from another group called 'Like No Other' (LNO).

”XBL attack was done with the help of our associates from LNO," reads the tweet.

In January, UK police arrested two men over the Christmas attacks, but neither has been charged so far.

Following the disruption, the group tweeted "Haha 'Xbox' is trending worldwide. We're back :)", before adding “brb. More to come, it's about time to re-ignite lizardsquad."


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