Lizard Squad hacker convicted of 50,000 cyber-crime charges

News by Doug Drinkwater

17-year-old Julius “zeekil” Kivimaki, an alleged member of Lizard Squad, has been convicted of 50,700 counts of cyber-crime in Finland.

Kivimaki was arrested by Finnish authorities in late 2014 for his suspected role in Lizard Squad, which launched distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against PlayStation Network and Xbox Live on Christmas Day last year. The hactivism group also offered to sell its own DDoS-for-hire tool, called Lizard Stresser.

According to Finnish newspaper Kaleva, Kivimaki was given a two-year suspended prison sentence and “ordered to fight against cyber-crime.”

His hacking charges include data breaches, payment fraud, telecommunications harassments and other counts related to fraudulence and violations of company secrets.

Under the alias of “Ryan”, the hackers participated in an interview with Sky News earlier this year, openly admitting that it was a member of Lizard Squad and that the attacks on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network were done so as to raise awareness of the inadequate security at both firms.

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