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£1,800 for one-year subscription licence/£3,600 perpetual licence

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Strengths: DRM Protection for web-based content

Weaknesses: Does not address DRM throughout the enterprise

Verdict: Excellent product within its web genre

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Lizard Protector Web Content Security may sound at first like a web-content manager but it is more than that. This product is designed for the ever-developing world of e-commerce. Lizard Protector keeps web-based content safe from misuse or piracy by giving administrators the ability to block viewing, copying, sharing, modifying, saving, screen-grabbing, printing and printing to file, PDF, or image printers.

Lizard Protector is simple and intuitive to use. The application installs in seconds and once it is registered it is ready to go. The administration application is like a small tab-topped configuration box. This simple approach provides effortless administration and management. Protecting files is as easy as adding them into the application, assigning rights, and publishing the policy.

This product provides a very different type of DRM and can be set up to be hosted by LockLizard or hosted by the customer's own servers. We found Protector to perform quite nicely at protecting web content, such as e-books, e-learning and online courses, content published to an intranet or extranet, web portals or websites or web-based content on CD/DVD. This product goes a step further and protects the underlying code as well.

A quick-start guide and an administration guide are provided. The quick-start guide provides an overview of the product and the administration application, while the administration guide provides an in-depth look into using the product to achieve maximum content protection. Both guides provide screenshots and configuration instructions.

LockLizard provides 30 days of email-based support with the purchase of the product. Support for the rest of the year is available and includes free upgrades. There is also limited phone support available* and a knowledgebase on the website.

With a price of £3,600 for a perpetual licence, we find this product to be good value for money. Lizard Protector provides solid protection for web-based content, with an easy-to-administrate backend.

*In the US. Please contact regional office for support details for the UK and rest of Europe.

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