Locky Ransomware News, Articles and Updates

Locky ransomware back in huge spam campaign; new variant escapes sandbox

Locky ransomware is back, being pushed out to victims in a concerted spam campaign. Security researchers have also discovered a variant of the ransomware that attempts to evade analysis by security firms using new approach.

New Locky ransomware campaign sets sights on Amazon customers

Amazon customers are the target of a wide-ranging phishing email scam intended to fool recipients into opening up a malicious attachment that results in the downloading of Locky ransomware.

White hat hacker replaces malware payload in Locky ransomware with dud file

Some good samaritan has messed with the pernicious locky ransomware to deliver, not malware, but a joke.

Kaspersky delves deep into Locky threat, which has spread to 114 countries

A thorough analysis of the ransomware Locky by Kaspersky Lab has yielded a series of highly detailed insights on the pernicious software, according the company's Securelist blog post.