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Necurs rides 12 million email campaign move up Most Wanted Malware list

The use of the Necurs botnet to spread Scarab ransomware over the US Thanksgiving holiday helped propel Necurs up several places on Check Point's Ten Most Wanted Malware list for November.

WannaCry, Cerber most used ransomware types, hospitals most hit sector

WannaCry and Cerber has totally dominated the ransomware landscape so far this year comprising almost all the attacks that have taken place, while other big names such as Locky were barely a blip on the radar.

Ykcol and Asasin Locky variants released within short time frame

At least two new Locky ransomware variants have been released within less than a month of each other although one of the variants is broken for the time being due to a malformed spam campaign.

Locky makes a strong comeback, propelled by botnet-fuel spam campaign

Reports have been pouring in this month about the sudden return of Locky ransomware, which had been largely dormant in 2017. Researchers have discovered two new major versions of Locky being distributed.

ICYMI: Skype bug; Nomx slammed; Linus law down; Locky lives; LDAP DDoS

In Case You Missed It: Skype flaw Spyke; Nomx claims nixed; Linux law refuted? Locky's return; LDAP DDoS vector

Microsoft says Cerber ransomware most popular infector of Windows 10

The software giant claims Genasom and Locky took second and third place for attacking Windows 10 Enterprise boxes with about 1000 infections each.

Facebook spam caught delivering Locky ransomware

Over the weekend two security researchers spotted a Facebook spam campaign delivering Nemucod as well as Locky ransomware

Locky ransomware distributors reduced to potty talk

After a two week break that saw few Locky ransomware attacks, the Cisco Talos research team discovered a new variety that sports not only a scatologically named extension for the encrypted files but another reference that insults Linux.

Shades of Locky, MarsJoke in new Hades ransomware

Another new ransomware type called Hades, uncovered this week by Proofpoint, that seems to pull in features from several older malware types.

Locky developers upgrade ransomware's ability to perform offline encryption

A new analysis of Locky ransomware configurations by IT security firm Avira has revealed improved offline capabilities that enhance its ability to automatically encrypt victims' files, without interaction with a command-and-control server.

Quant Loader Trojan downloader spotted in the wild

Forcepoint has come across a new Trojan downloader called Quant Loader that has been spotted distributing Locky Zepto crypto-ransomware and Pony malware.

Latest Locky version on the loose

A new version of Locky ransomware has been spotted sporting an improved delivery mechanism, better obfuscation which combined make it more difficult for anti-malware scanners to spot.

Locky ransomware spread in global campaign against health sector

FireEye researchers have spotted a Locky ransomware campaign targeting the healthcare sector around the world

Researcher infects tech scammer with Locky for messing with his mother

A cyber-vigilante took internet justice into his own hands when he infected the computer of an tech support scammer with Locky ransomware.

New Locky using WSF spotted in Brazilian underground

Trend Micro researchers spotted a new variant of Locky ransomware using Windows Scripting Files (WSF) as a downloader.

Necur botnet resurfaces with added ransomware

Dridex and Locky delivered to victims via compromised computers as the Necurs botnet, dark since late May, starts up again.

Ransomware has been labeled the biggest threat this year, but is it as dangerous as it's made out to be?

Steve Donald says ransomware is emerging as the major cyber-threat of 2016 but what can organisations do to protect themselves?