Login Credentials News, Articles and Updates

Reddit site spoofed by cyber-criminals to steal credentials of users

Cyber-criminals set up a malicious website that spoofed the original Reddit site and stole login credentials of unsuspecting visitors, yet managed to obtain a valid SSL certificate from a domain registry.

'Killing the password' is 'killing democracy'. Don't let it happen.

A society where login without users' volition is allowed would be a society where democracy is dead says Hitoshi Kokumai

Over 560 million breached account credentials curated in 'Combo List'

Kromtech researcher finds massive database of account credentials collated and curated from previously published data breaches.

49% of UK online users don't delete their old web accounts

Nearly half (49 percent) of the UK public don't delete accounts on the web that they no longer use.

Eurekalert news service attacked

Scientific news service EurekAlert suffered a breach which saw the login details of thousands of journalists stolen. The company has now reformed the technology behind its website and is promising a brand new login system.

Datadog breached, tells users to reset login credentials

Cloud service data aggregator Datadog was hit with a data breach late last week and has sent a letter to its customers warning them to change their login credentials.

Over 2/3rds of wearable device owners don't use login credentials

Sixty nine percent of wearable device owners say that they don't use login credentials such as passwords, PINs fingerprint scanners and voice recognition to access their devices.

FBI investigates Russian hacker that stole billions of login credentials

A suspected Russian hacker claiming to have stolen 1.2 billion unique email and password combinations is being pursued by the FBI.

Jaguar car hack in New Zealand

A Jaguar XFR may have been stolen using hacking techniques increasingly seen on keyless cars.

Google login credentials at risk from smart refrigerator hack

Hackers recently uncovered a man-in-the-middle vulnerability in a Samsung smart refrigerator.