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'Killing the password' is 'killing democracy'. Don't let it happen.

A society where login without users' volition is allowed would be a society where democracy is dead says Hitoshi Kokumai

Monitoring logons 'the most effective way to detect data breach'

Monitoring corporate logins described as the most effective way to detect a data breach within an organisation.

eBay asking users to switch from keyfob to SMS 2fa

The move has proven as a controversial one, after NIST ruled SMS two-factor authentication as no longer secure enough.

Google refuses to patch alleged login page flaw

Google is refusing to patch an alleged faulty Login Page after an independent researcher claimed to have spotted a bug.

Reflected XSS vuln found on Fortinet login page

A reflected cross-site scripting (RXSS) attack that let attackers log their passwords in cleartext was found contained on Fortinet's login page.

Researchers find two flaws in OAuth 2.0

Security protocol OAuth 2.0 used by many social networks could allow hackers to stage man-in-the-middle attacks, say researchers who have identified two vulnerabilities.

Sound Proof: new two-factor authentication through ambient noise

Second authentication tier is proximity of user's phone to login device