LogLogic has announced the release of updates to two of its products, including the introduction of a virtual appliance.

Version 5.1 of its LogLogic log management system introduces data visualisation improvements via the new dynamic dashboards feature. According to the company, this feature enables users to easily see their reports, queries and alerts results in a user-friendly dashboard layout.

LogLogic 5.1 also includes an expansion of its web services API, and the company said it gives customers deeper integration with the LogLogic Compliance Manager and extends the Log Labels technology, to provide more-powerful reporting capabilities.

Also released is version 3.5 of the LogLogic SEM to add tighter integration to LogLogic's flagship log management line of products, as well as a refreshed user interface.

It also includes device support for the new Security Device Event Exchange (SDEE) protocol, a standard on Cisco-based products that is an alert format and transport protocol specification that replaces the older RDEP version 1 protocol.

Guy Churchward, CEO of LogLogic, said: “The release of LogLogic 5.1 and SEM 3.5 represents another important milestone on our journey towards delivering 360 Insight for IT data management. It reaffirms our clear vision that log management and security are converging toward an end where they are both features in the larger marketplace of IT data management. Dynamic dashboards and the inclusion of SDEE will give customers deeper visibility into the operations of their network.”