LogLogic has increased the collection capability of its Universal Collection Framework.

According to the company, the expanded collector, named the Universal Collector 2.1, can collect, encrypt, compress and send IT data from an unlimited number of locations. LogLogic also said it is capable of tagging and flattening more complex application log formats, as well as providing local filtering.

Universal Collector 2.1 works with the LogLogic IT data warehouse, forensics engines and its SEM product line, in addition to all-in-one products and virtual appliances.

Guy Churchward, CEO of LogLogic, said: “When we first released the Universal Collection Framework (UCF) in 2010, it could collect IT data from 250 regional offices. However, our customers' increased use of the UCF has demonstrated the need to increase scalability to a global level. Now, UC2.1 can collect IT data from an unlimited number of global and regional locations.”