LogLogic enhances data collection and logging capabilities

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LogLogic has launched a set of new features for data collection, logging and log management in its platform.

LogLogic has launched a set of new features for data collection, logging and log management in its platform.

These features include the LogLogic Universal Collector 2.2 to collect data across all heterogeneous networking devices, with standardised collectors for syslogs, windows, files, delivery guarantees, network outage resilience and scalability added, while compression of logs ensure more comprehensive views into the network.

According to the company, these collection services also allow organisations to demonstrate audit-quality collection of data that is focused on confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Also added is LogLogic LMI 5.3 for IT data and log management, which includes the ability to modify log data in near real time during the forwarding process. It said this feature enables data to be manipulated to support the format of existing applications, such as security event management, IT operations management and ‘home grown' applications.

As data is formatted and stored in near real time, the need for time-intensive ‘store and forward' operations is eliminated with enhancements to its Enterprise Virtual Appliance version of the log management and intelligence product, including increased retention of records for SOX compliance, increased storage and support for high availability. 

Guy Churchward, CEO of LogLogic, said: “The scope of ‘data under management' today, among organisations of all sizes, is enormous in its implications for security, compliance and IT operational intelligence.

“Many organisations have focused on finding nuggets in that big data to improve their security posture, and their efforts are being abetted by vendors with less mature product offerings. But now organisations have discovered that this big data serves a higher purpose: to drive corporate productivity and competitive dominance.”


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