LogLogic has announced the launch of the latest version of its Security Change Manager appliance that integrates with its SEM solutions and third-party CRM and ticketing solutions.

It claimed that Security Change Manager 8.1 will provide a move towards consolidation of security events and change management. It is designed for providers who need to automate security policy management and change management across large or complex networks of routers, firewalls, switches, VPNs and IPS's in homogenous or heterogeneous vendor environments.

The company also claimed that it automates the manual process of designing and generating network security rule changes and takes advantage of a unique high-level, policy-based approach with an advanced drag-and-drop topology interface that automatically orders, optimises and pushes the rules to the devices affected by the rule change.

It also improves email notification integration with any third party CRM or ticketing solution, enabling visibility to multi-tiered approval, change request approval and deployment status.

Dominique Levin, EVP of marketing and strategy at LogLogic, said: “While it is good to identify security incidents using correlation of LogLogic Security Event Manager, it is even better to respond to security incidents and prevent future attacks by rolling out firewall policy changes through pre-defined response plans with LogLogic Security Change Manager.

“We're focused on giving our customers better visibility and control. Research shows that organisations experience more security breaches because of manual errors in routine daily networking management tasks than from any external threat. Automation not only saves time and money, but also eliminates manual errors.”