LogLogic has joined the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) to help establish and promote best practices for securing data in the cloud.

Jean-François Dechant, vice president of strategic business development for LogLogic, claimed that the company was thrilled to be a part of the CSA, and looked forward to lending its expertise to the CSA's efforts in that field.

He said: “With promises of cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint, more and more organisations will be moving to the cloud in 2010 and beyond. As that shift occurs, so does the need to promote the use of best practices for cloud security. The heart of security in the cloud begins with logs.”

As a corporate member, LogLogic will support the CSA's initiatives and leverage its log management expertise to promote industry-wide standards for security in the cloud. LogLogic supports the evolution of the public cloud and will work with the CSA to achieve greater visibility into the cloud down to the log files, and to offer single-tenant clouds for security-conscious companies.

Jim Reavis, founder of the CSA, said: “LogLogic is a leader in the security and log management field and a welcome addition to the CSA. The shift to cloud computing presents us with a unique opportunity, but also a serious responsibility: to establish set guidelines and protocols for cloud security. We are confident that the LogLogic team will be an instrumental part of the process in charting the course for this exciting platform.”