LogLogic has announced the general availability of its database security manager.


It claimed that this is the first database security product to provide deep database activity monitoring, real-time illegal access quarantine and termination, as well as real-time and historical correlation across a broad range of other information sources. LogLogic database security manager can provide a 360-degree view of enterprise activities by integrating database activity monitoring with automated security and log management solutions.


It allows the protection of sensitive database information with minimal performance impact and the monitoring of all database activity. It can also identify and prevent SQL Injection attacks from well-known or unknown exploits, and quarantine and terminate illegal access using granular policies.


Dominique Levin, executive vice president of marketing and strategy at LogLogic, said: “Database activity monitoring and log management are very closely related. It is very common to hear from customers that database activity monitoring is in scope for a log management project.


“LogLogic is applying its expertise in delivering powerful and easy-to-deploy monitoring solutions to the database market for the best possible outcome – real-time data protection with minimal performance impact and enterprise-wide user monitoring.”