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Strengths: Quick to set up and easy to navigate

Weaknesses: Users have the ability to disable their own accounts and the documentation was a bit overwhelming

Verdict: Despite minor discrepancies, it is a strong management tool with strong forensic capabilities

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LogLogic MX 2010 provides a wide range of features. Aside from the expected log aggregating, it also provides very intuitive ways to manage a network. The MX is a hybrid of the LX and ST models, combining the functionality of the LX model and the storage capacity of the ST model, giving a one-year log-retention length. The MX has a wide range of search features that allows the user to drill down through the logs to gather specific information.

Reports can pull together information from the logs to allow the user to view specific details - such as login attempts, traffic on specific ports, or overall device use, including information on many features that have strong forensic capabilities. The system offers export features to PDF, CVS and HTML format for both the search results and the reports. It also provides a large number of customisable alerts for the company's needs, such as an alert of multiple failed login attempts on a wide range of accounts.

The setup process for this tool is straightforward. Once you plug in, the documentation gives two options: setup via command line or remote setup via the internet. Following the simple instructions found in the startup guide meant we had the device up and running in about ten minutes.

There was the option to set the time manually, or sync it with a server. One annoyance we found was that when we opted to manually set the time and date, the program kept recommending that we should synchronise with the server.

Documentation for this product can be found on the included CD. While some of the PDFs were a little long, they were all highly detailed and easy to understand. Each PDF came with its own hyperlinked table of contents, and screenshots and diagrams were provided where necessary.

LogLogic provided excellent phone support, with knowledgeable and helpful staff. Community and support forums are available on the website, along with email-based support.

With its price tag of £23,333, we found this product to be a good buy for the money. We were impressed with its ease of use, quick setup out of the box and the features it provided, especially those that relate specifically to network forensics.

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