LogLogic has launched the latest version of its log management platform to improve capacity, speed and performance.

Powered by its 4.9 software, the hardware platform is featured in the LX range of log capture, reporting and alerting appliances and the ST range of log capture, archiving and forensics appliances. The LX range comprises of the LX1020 and the LX4020, with the latter offering Intel's Quad-Core technology, in addition to delivering 400 per cent more hard disk capacity than its predecessor.

The ST range compromises the ST1020, ST2020-SAN and the ST4020, all of which are built on the same Quad-Core Intel chassis as the LX range with similar improvements in performance, memory, disk and connectivity. The ST2020-SAN includes a Qlogic FC SAN card for connection to storage from the likes of Brocade and EMC. Also offered is the MX3020 appliance for combined collection, reporting, alerting, archival and forensics.

Guy Churchward, CEO of LogLogic claimed that the launch has been made following a move by companies to hold data, interrogate it for analytics, look at it and understand what is happening with their assets.

Churchward said: “More and more enterprises are seeing the value of having an open log management platform and centralised log data warehouse as a key infrastructure component of their IT environment.

“This new line of appliances has raised the bar for log management and intelligence performance and features. With higher message throughput, faster data retrieval, search and reporting, and longer-term archival of log information, this latest platform offers an unmatched enterprise-grade log management solution.”