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Strengths: Provides granular analysis features, such as replay and geolocation to track events

Weaknesses: Nothing that we found

Verdict: For its excellent functionality we make this our Recommended product this month

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The LogRhythm appliance offers very powerful functionality for log and security event management. It is designed for the large enterprise and distributed environments.

With features that include log management and analysis, file integrity monitoring, event management, network and user monitoring and geolocation tracking, this product can provide the detail needed for in-depth security event analysis.

The appliance comes preloaded with all of the necessary software, including Microsoft Server, SQL Server and all of the LogRhythm components, so there is no actual installation that has to be done. There is a short Windows setup wizard to complete and then the appliance is ready to go. All management and configuration is done through the management console. We found this to be easy to navigate, with a well-organised layout. The dashboard itself includes a wealth of information that is quite easy to drill down into and view.

The LogRhythm product is all about detail. Every alert, chart or graph can be clicked on and drilled into. This appliance provides a great amount of depth into the source log data. There is also the ability to use replay to go back and analyse past events, as they happened to get a closer look for analysis.

Documentation provided included a short quick-start guide that outlines how to get the appliance up and running and a much larger PDF administrator guide. We found this to be well organised with clear step-by-step instructions and configuration examples, as well as many screenshots and diagrams.

LogRhythm offers 11/5 phone and email support at a cost of 20 per cent of the purchase price of the appliance annually. There is also 24/7 assistance available at a cost of 30 per cent. A support portal is available to customers, which includes access to documentation, software patches and other support resources.

At a price of £18,500 the LogRhythm appliance may seem quite pricey but we find it to be great value for the money. It offers a solid featureset with a lot of granular analysis capability.

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