Web developers and computer programmers gathered together for the first Yahoo! ‘Hack Day' in London at the weekend.

The event was the first in a series of open days, held around the world by the internet services giant for anyone to attend and devise innovative applications.

The day, which was also hosted by the BBC, aimed to show web developers how to get more out of the data feeds and interfaces provided by the two companies. Representatives from both organisations were on hand to give tips on how to utilise the technology at the event.

“The developers get a fantastic depth of information about how they can open up our content and resources,” Matt Cashmore, development producer for the BBC, said on Friday.

The event, staged at London’s Alexandra Palace, was also struck by lightning – twice – which set off the fire alarm system and caused the roof of the venue to open temporarily.

The London 'Hack Day' was the first to be held in Europe following a similar event that took place at Yahoo!’s headquarters in California last year.