The 2012 London Olympics are expected to create more than 5,000 IT and telecoms jobs in Britain, generating more than £250 million for the UK IT sector.

According to IT recruitment firm Greythorn, new personnel will be needed for tasks from day-to-day maintenance to ensuring that cyber attacks are defended against. Research calculated that the average salary for the IT jobs will be £48,500p.a. making a total of just under £250 million in annual salaries.

Paul Winchester, managing director of Greythorn, said: “The IT and telecoms infrastructure required to host the Olympics will leave a significant high-tech footprint on the UK labour market. Before the Olympics begin, emergency service lines need to be secured and WiFi coverage needs to be expanded, including an attempt to get internet access across the tube network in time for the games, measures must also be taken to prevent cyber attacks.”

Frank Coggrave, general manager EMEA at Guidance Software, said that these figures underline the importance of obtaining employees with the necessary skillset and experience to manage the high-tech infrastructure required for the Olympics.

“The need to put relevant cyber security measures in place to prevent attacks is crucial, but organisers should ensure that similar security issues are also taken into consideration when hiring staff. The nature of the event implies a fast hiring process and high staff turnover, which increases the risk of cyber attacks, the most significant risk being the insider threat,” he said.

“The employment period for the event is also very short lived and during this time, employees will have access to a significant amount of sensitive information. As a result, the integrity and security of private data should be carefully monitored, as staff will be able to create and access important data across many different locations.

“Organisers should make certain that they have adequate incident response processes in place, which are non-disruptive to the running of the event, but that ensure information can be tracked at all times wherever it lies, should an attack occur.”