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CA exec met with Assange in 2017, donated cryptocurrency to WikiLeaks

An executive at the now defunct Cambridge Analytica met with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange last year at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to talk about the US presidential election.

Make London the most secure place in the world to buy your tech

Recruiting London's first-ever chief digital officer gives mayor Sadiq Khan the opportunity to push a new security culture among the capital's 40,000 tech companies - let's hope he rises to the occasion.

FT Cyber Summit: CoL police commander: 'remember the human victims of cyber-crime'

A senior commander for the City of London Police encouraged IT professionals at the FT Cyber Summit to remember the human cost of cyber-crime.

GLA Tories: Mayoral Standards for London data security

Conservatives within the Greater London Assembly have called for a higher standard of data security in the capital, with a Mayoral seal of approval for those that adhere to it.

RSA EMEA Summit: Writing a security strategy that will make Vivaldi proud

Richard Nichols, RSA's head of EMEA strategy compared playing the violin to conducting an effective security strategy, to encourage businesses to harmonise security strategy and promote greater visibility of threats on the business.

Are you serious about cyber-security? Security Serious Week opens

It's Security Serious Week, a campaign designed to bring industry experts together to make others more serious about cyber-security.