As Tiger Woods chases Fred Couples' lead at the 2010 Masters, warnings have been made of malicious links relating to the golfing star's comeback. 

Lee Graves, senior technical support engineer at eSoft, claimed that searches for the Woods' Nike advert are leading to malicious sites and rogue anti-virus downloads. 

He said: “A user looking to see the commercial online would likely search ‘Tiger Woods commercial' – the search is heavily poisoned.  Out of the top seven search results, six lead to fake anti-virus pages begging the user to install malicious software. The video results have also been poisoned to do the same.

“With low anti-virus detection rates, users tricked by this attack have little to prevent them from installing downloaded malware.  In fact, only one out of the 20 scanners on Jotti detected the payload as malicious.”

He also warned of being cautious around the referring site as if the user is not coming from Google or other search engines, they will be redirected to rather than the malicious site.