Lotus F1 team deploys security and availability technology from Juniper
Lotus F1 team deploys security and availability technology from Juniper

The Lotus F1 team has selected technology from Juniper Networks to secure and enable local area networks (LAN) both in the UK headquarters and on the world's grand prix circuits.

Seeking a secure and robust network that enables the transfer and analysis of large quantities of data at high speed, Lotus F1 chief information officer Graeme Hackland told SC Magazine that having surveyed options he felt that Juniper's offering was the most innovative and worked with its existing infrastructure.

He said: “They offer end-to-end scalability with what we do, and it also secures the network layer so we'll have a better view of business applications and solutions we offer, not just here but also at the track.”

Hackland explained that seeking a refresh of its technology, he wanted to include security in what they took on. After trialling it with the race team, it needed to be secure and robust as well be able to be taken apart three hours after the race ends.

“We opted for Juniper's Pulse offering for remote access as we use Symantec's VIP and this gives everyone a solution that is simplified and meets the level of security we have got,” he said.

In a typical lap, each car generates and logs in excess of 15 MB of data, just under 1,000 statistics per lap are calculated and presented back to race engineers and each race weekend generates in excess of 50GB of data. In 2012 Lotus F1 Team moved more than 4.5TB of data across the world.

Hackland said that these statistics will only increase as the size of black boxes increase under new regulations, which allows up to eight times the amount of data to be collected. “We take most of the data at the pit, so we create a LAN at the circuit which is set up on cables, while the Juniper wireless infrastructure allows us to the configuration on the data,” he said. “You have to make sure it is secure as your competitors are three metres away!”

Sean Dolan, senior vice president, EMEA at Juniper Networks, said: “Grand prix racing is literally a fast-moving enterprise, with a highly-competitive, success-driven culture. Trackside conditions are particularly challenging, with heat, dust, vibration and the need to build and tear down a reliable, secure network infrastructure quickly in a new location every couple of weeks or so.

“We are very excited by the prospect of Juniper's technology operating in this environment and playing a part in Lotus F1 Team's 2013 campaign and beyond.”