Lucrative pay offered to hackers in India to work for ISIS

News by Greg Masters

Hackers in India are being handsomely rewarded for taking on work for ISIS.

Hackers in India are being handsomely rewarded for taking on work for ISIS, according to India Today.

The group is offering upwards of $10,000 (£7K) for each "job" – anything from hacking into government databases to siphon off data to assembling lists from Twitter and Facebook accounts of potential recruits.

It is believed that over the past six months more than 30,000 people in India have been contacted online by ISIS via various underground forums or through internet-based services like Skype. Indian handlers for the Syria-based group have reached out in several dialects to many regions in outreach and intelligence-gathering efforts.

Security agencies have made several arrests of suspects throughout the country with alleged links to the group and put in place operations to take down pro-ISIS material on the web.

Also, the Indian government is creating a "war room" to monitor social media for messages disseminating the group's agenda, India Today reported. 

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